Prosperity cannot be provided, it has to be achieved: This Credo of Swisshand is based on a saying of Mahatma Gandhi.

Swisshand programmes always include training, advice, credits, and coaching. Most of the beneficiaries are women, many of them single mothers. After having successfully completed a basic entrepreneurial training course and prepared their personal business plan, they are granted a micro credit to establish or develop their own micro business. This makes their dream come true and they can safeguard their own future and that of their children.

Swisshand currently manages this kind of incentive programmes for small businesses to overcome poverty in nearly 117 underdeveloped regions, with

  • 86 programmes in East and Central Africa
  • 31 programmes in West Africa

New programmes are added on a regular basis, others again become self-sustained and independent. During the past business year 2017, Swisshand granted about 33,000 credits to micro business enterprises in the total amount of some 270,000 CHF.

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